Top 10 fictional guys I love!

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Well, I haven’t posted in a while…again. SO I shall fill this blog entry with some radical nonsense of mine! Soooo… We all have fictional characters that we love right? And sometimes we wish they were, well, real. Why? Because of their awesomeness. Whether they are animated cartoons or portrayed by actors. We love them. We all have more than one, and here are mine. The guy characters anyway!

1o.) Flint from “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs”

I love this geeky and goofy genius!

9.) Hiccup from “How to Train Your Dragon”

I want a dragon too! Lucky guy!

8.) Sam Winchester from “Supernatural”

Smart, funny, and possible vessel for the devil. You gotta love this puppy eyed hunter!

7.) Charlie from “Lost”

I loved him when he was baby sitting Aron and his sacrifice was tear jerking!

6.) Tomoya Okazaki from “Clannad”

I loved watching his character development! And he is one funny prankster! It’s also nice to know that he will there for you when you need him! Such a nosy guy!

5.) Dean Winchester from “Supernatural”

Perhaps the most epic older brother one could ever ask for! He’s fun, strong, goofy, and such a family guy! Plus, he loves pie!

4.) Ben Tennyson from “Ben 10 Alien force and Ultimate Alien”

A definite improvement from the original Ben 10 series (except for season 3 of Alien Force…that was full of FAIL). Teenage Ben is someone you really want to hug, especially when Kevin teases him and laments on his new responsibilities.

3.) Robin from “Teen Titans”

Ah, Robin. Good old Robin. He’s a great leader and an awesome fighter!

2.)Henry Townshend from “Silent Hill 4 the Room”

Now this guy definitely deserves a hug! He is, I think, the only Silent Hill protagonist who had absolutely no connection to Silent Hill. No really! He had no deep dark secret or a blood relation to any of the past Order members! Oh Henry, you sweet, innocent guy!

1.) Castiel from “Supernatural”

And last, but not least, we have Castiel the angel! This adorable angel is so cute when he has no idea how to act normal! And his character development is incredible to watch! And its only been two seasons so far!

And that’s it for now!


New Novel Project

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And today’s post will be about a new Novel I am working on. It’s nothing big actually, in fact I consider this novel a “Trial” novel. Just to see if I’m any good at writing one. I’ve actually always wanted to write one but gave up on the idea when I discovered my horrible grammar and spelling skills.

It was only recently that I was inspired to try again, thanks to a certain novel called “Johannes Cabal the Necromancer” by Jonathan L. Howard. (Read the book, it is awesome! Perhaps I shall spazz, like a fan girl, about the book in another post later)

Anyway, to the novel! This novel is based on a manga story of mine called Arcendoc. Arcendoc is actually a floating continent in my story or..well…stories. I have a number of stories that take place in Arcendoc, just in different parts of it. It is one of those series, usually in fantasy novels, that have different stories that happen in different parts of the mythical world.

So this story is called “Clockwork Metropolis” and it’s got a steam punk setting to it. Clockwork Metropolis is a city in Arcendoc.

Basic summary for the story:

“Meet Noah Jurry. He’s got good looks, intelligence and a crazy imagination.

Bored with his daily life in his small town in a poor nameless floating island, he spends his day writing stories and dreaming of adventure.

His boring life ends with his encounter with Baron C. Jurry.  A man who is on a mission to take back what is rightfully his. And mysteriously enough, shares Noah’s last name. Baron’s adventure takes Noah to the prosperous continent Arcendoc, the continent of his dreams.”
Here are the original manga designs, well not really since the actual original were lost , for Noah and Baron:

Noah Jurry

Don’t be fooled by his expression and emo hair. Noah is one of the sweetest guys around! A child like, happy-go-lucky dreamer who loves adventure! And puppies! Lot’s of puppies!

Baron C. Jurry

A ladies man and a “trouble magnet”. Great with his guns and combat abilities. Poor at accounting and terrified of cats.

So I hope to have this story up in Textnovel soon. Just got some things to work out!

I just realized…

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Why no summer break? Well I go to an International School in the Philippines. And the school follows the American school schedule. While Philippine schools have their own schedules. When summer break starts for International schools, Philippine schools begin…


Message to me…

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And today’s post shall be dedicated to my little….not so little puppy Sammy!

What is his breed? Honestly, I don’t know. He’s what you an Askal, a Philippine term for breedless. Why breedless? Well it’s because Askals have been mixed with so many others breed that it’s near impossible to tell what breed is mixed in. And Askals are usually stray dogs. If they are lucky, they can find a home with a nice loving family. If not, they end up barbacued dog….yes in certain provinces in the Philippines people eat dogs.

Lucky for my Sammy he found a nice home with me! And is a happy puppy. Very hyper, likes to bite things. But that’s natural for a puppy.

Sammy has a thing for running around and getting lost. Though all you have to do is call his name and he’ll come find you….unless he gets lost trying to find you. ^__^

He loves rolling around and playing in the grass. He likes to eat grass too…odd little one.

Boat rides scare Sammy! We took him on a speed boat once and he burrowing his head to me the whole time! Awww! The ocean  probably reminds him of a giant bath tub! He hates baths. lol

Sammy my boy! You strange and wonderful puppy you! I hope to spend as much time with you as possible! Before I’m off to college!!

Day at the beach.

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Well two days actually…

I went with a friend and my family a couple days ago. We did the usual activities: swim in the ocean, make a sand castle, bury my little brother in the sand, watch movies and ate lots of food. Peaceful times. Yes.


Well not really. While on the beach there were waves. Lots of waves. And the ocean was feeling aggresive for some reason. So it decided to knock us over with huge waves. Over and over again. We were beaten up by the ocean!!!

And during our speed boat adventure my Dad told the driver to go fast. Really fast. Man that was fun, lots of wind and beautiful scenery. My firend and me sat at front and there was lots of screaming from her, it was her first time on a boat. There was also a lot of drool involved. Yuck! But the starngest thing that happened was when we were speeding really fast. Out of nowhere a floater pops out and hits me on the back of my head!!! The weird part was there were no floaters on the boat or the ocean! And we were going really fast so there’s no way it could even hit me on the back! But it did, even the driver was surprised. It’s like it appreared from another dimension….mystery.

Over all, the beach was fun. Intresting. Unique. Very scary.

Text Novel

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This isn’t so new but I have started a story on a website call textnovel. It is a site that allows writer to share their stories in different forms of writing and different genres. It is also the first, and well known, site that allows people outside of Japan to make Cell Phone Novels.

Cell Phone Novel? What is it? Why? Well from what I’ve been told. They are pretty similar to regular novels except they are unbelievably shorter, have fewer details, and more dialouge. That’s all I can say about them in terms of detail. They’re pretty popular in Japan and some cell phone novels have been  published. Cool.

Here is an example of a cell phone novel. It is currently the first and most popular cell phone novel in North America: Second Hand Memories

My cell phone novel:  Stories of the Little One