Day at the beach.

Well two days actually…

I went with a friend and my family a couple days ago. We did the usual activities: swim in the ocean, make a sand castle, bury my little brother in the sand, watch movies and ate lots of food. Peaceful times. Yes.


Well not really. While on the beach there were waves. Lots of waves. And the ocean was feeling aggresive for some reason. So it decided to knock us over with huge waves. Over and over again. We were beaten up by the ocean!!!

And during our speed boat adventure my Dad told the driver to go fast. Really fast. Man that was fun, lots of wind and beautiful scenery. My firend and me sat at front and there was lots of screaming from her, it was her first time on a boat. There was also a lot of drool involved. Yuck! But the starngest thing that happened was when we were speeding really fast. Out of nowhere a floater pops out and hits me on the back of my head!!! The weird part was there were no floaters on the boat or the ocean! And we were going really fast so there’s no way it could even hit me on the back! But it did, even the driver was surprised. It’s like it appreared from another dimension….mystery.

Over all, the beach was fun. Intresting. Unique. Very scary.


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