And today’s post shall be dedicated to my little….not so little puppy Sammy!

What is his breed? Honestly, I don’t know. He’s what you an Askal, a Philippine term for breedless. Why breedless? Well it’s because Askals have been mixed with so many others breed that it’s near impossible to tell what breed is mixed in. And Askals are usually stray dogs. If they are lucky, they can find a home with a nice loving family. If not, they end up barbacued dog….yes in certain provinces in the Philippines people eat dogs.

Lucky for my Sammy he found a nice home with me! And is a happy puppy. Very hyper, likes to bite things. But that’s natural for a puppy.

Sammy has a thing for running around and getting lost. Though all you have to do is call his name and he’ll come find you….unless he gets lost trying to find you. ^__^

He loves rolling around and playing in the grass. He likes to eat grass too…odd little one.

Boat rides scare Sammy! We took him on a speed boat once and he burrowing his head to me the whole time! Awww! The ocean  probably reminds him of a giant bath tub! He hates baths. lol

Sammy my boy! You strange and wonderful puppy you! I hope to spend as much time with you as possible! Before I’m off to college!!


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