Posted in Other on March 30, 2010 by cdranger

Hmm… I haven’t been posting much have I? Well that would be because I haven’t had much to say these days. But I suppose I should mention that I will be working on one, maybe two, web comic collaborations.

The one that is certain is a short, 10 page, comic with a purpose to poke fun at the Twilight and other teen vampire novels that have been coming out lately. The pages are taking a while to finish since: One, school/I.B. has been evil. (Especially my art class) And Second: I really want these pages to look their best! (I’m a perfectionist)

The other, has yet to be determined. (I’m competing with another artist for the job) Is a murder/mystery manga.

Also, I shall be trying out for a comic contest in Deviant Art, nothing proffesional it’s all for good fun.

My web comic will also be redone so theĀ  old link will not work anymore. When it is ready I will re- post the link.

Things will certainly be busy for me!


Not so new Webcomic

Posted in Art on February 13, 2010 by cdranger

Tales of a Deadman! A story about zombies with personalities. Secret worlds right under our noses. Supernatural creatures who can’t stand modern day media. And lots and lots of mayhem.

This is my new web comic which has been up for about two weeks now. (I think) With bi-weekly updates (usually Monday and Fridays). So far it has four comic pages.

White Board Art

Posted in Art on February 13, 2010 by cdranger

When it comes to drawing or just plain doodling, I can’t find a way to stop. As soon as a pen shows up I just have to find whatever paper I can get my hands on, be it lined paper, colored paper, or my math test.I actually cringed once, a friend pointed this out, when I couldn’t find any paper. Yeesh! It’s like an addiction!

Some of my most strange yet wonderful (I find them wonderful!!!!) come from my doodles! Here are my current doodles, drawn in my old computer teacher’s white board, which are currently being developed into a full story.

Witch’s Janitor:

Adventures of Chris Roh:

Hello World! Here comes Me!!!

Posted in Other on January 31, 2010 by cdranger

Well…where to begin. Let’s start with an Introduction, I’m Maria Louisa Quiros. Also known as cdranger. And I like drawing! my style is influenced by anime, Tim Burton and Dr Seuss. I hope to pursue a career in animation, (hopefully with Pixar!) Well…that’s all for now. Have a look at this lovely sketch of mine. It features my character Karl the zombie.